2D Materials Pte. Ltd. manufactures high quality graphene as an industrial additive to enhance the properties of many industrial materials such as composites, polymers, paints & coatings, cements and batteries.

2DM’s core technology is a proprietary graphene production process developed at the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials at National University of Singapore, the first dedicated centre towards graphene research in Asia which was established under the leadership of Prof. Antonio Castro Neto and the scientific advice of Nobel Laureates in Physics for the discovery of graphene – A.Geim and K. Novoselov.  2DM’s founders and advisors are among the foremost internationally renowned experts in the graphene and materials field.

2DM produces a high quality graphene, with high purity, consistency and graphene content via a production process that is consistent and scalable. Our production facility is located at Singapore Science Park 2.