“We are pleased to provide companies with premium quality graphene that the market is lacking. “
— Professor Antonio Castro Neto, Founder 2DM

Production Method


We just opened our large-scale production facility. Here, we will leverage our eco-friendly and economical production process for premium quality graphene. This "Top-Down" liquid exfoliation method usually takes 4-6 hours and the material doesn't contain heavy metals. 


The next step, before graphene gets to the hands of distributors or customers, is quality testing. We test all our produced graphene to match the promised quality according to the 2DM technical data sheet. 


For quality testing are used measurements based on various microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. Optical microscopy is common method to evaluate flake size. Atomic force microscopy is used to determinate thickness and number of the layers.

Other common techniques are for instance raman spectroscopy,  transmission and scanning electronic microscopy.