New Launch Aramid Graphene Helmet with “The Smart Think”

2DM is happy to announce that our partner “The Smart Think” is officially launching their new Aramid Graphene combat helmet, AG-1, in the Australia Land Force 2021 exhibition. Constructed with a proprietary blend of Aramid and Graphene from 2DM Materials, to create the lightest, safest, and most efficient AR/PD and NIJ IIIA helmet on the market.

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The AG-1 has an Areal Density of 7.2kg/m2 with Backface Deformation <10mm and is Flame Retardant. Weight of a size M helmet, complete with NCG shroud and Picatinny rails is 1.05 kg, while a size L/XL helmet weights 1.1 kg.

All the advantages of UHMWPE with significantly improved Backface Deformation without any compromise at half the price of the current market leaders.

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Dr. Ricardo Oliveira, Chief Technology Officer from 2DM shares “The successful launch of the Aramid Graphene Helmets shows the rising adoption of graphene applications, improving different aspects of the composite materials; Weight Reduction, Strength, Ballistic and Barrier properties while potentially maintaining or reducing process costs”

“A high-quality graphene provides a better consistency in achieving results, we can see graphene’s potential in achieving more in the future as an additive in different applications. 2DM would be happy to engage interested partners to develop more applications using our high quality graphene and advance technology to accelerate a wider adoption”

2DM shows resolute support in accelerating applications development using High Quality Graphene which is ISO Certified. With more upcoming Joint Development and Projects, 2DM strives to keep competitive pricing for more commercial adoption of Graphene.

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