Global automotive industry is facing main challenges such as CO2 emissions reduction, safety and energy-efficiency. Therefore, the need for applying a new direction for greener and safer vehicles is more than urgent. This opens so much potential for graphene to be the right solution. With our trade secret production process the final costs of innovating automotive industry with graphene is not the slowing down aspect anymore.  


Lighter & stronger vehicles


Graphene has tremendous applications in composites and coatings to make light, strong as well as safe vehicles. With being over 200-times stronger than steel, Graphene can replace carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum components. Additionally, it will improve dimensional stability of vehicles. 


innovative Interior

Self-cleaning and thermally conducive fabric can provide high-class car interior for everybody. That's where our graphene comes in. Graphene enhanced heated car seats without high energy waste can be now reality. 


energy-efficient BATTERIES 

Graphene can improve existing Lithium batteries or fully replace them in the following years. You are looking at the right material to make baterries smaller, cheaper, and the most importantly more eco-friendly.