Graphene is a one atom thin layer of pure carbon, one million times thinner than paper, nearly transparent, and the strongest material ever measured. It is known as a material with the best performances in strength, toughness, weight, light transmittance and electrical conductivity. Graphene is widely considered as one of the most promising materials discovered in the past decade.



Graphene vs. Graphite

The properties of graphene depend on the number of layers we use. When we use more than 10 layers of graphene sheets behaves like graphite. 


Graphene production in tons 2009-2017

Graphene has moved from laboratories driven by demand from markets where advanced materials are required.

Graphene Market In Million USD

Several superior properties have already been proven and new properties and applications are continually being discovered. That creates tremendous potential across a number of different industries.

Why 2DM Graphene?

Our unique advantage lies in the know how to produce premium quality graphene in a large scale production process

Very high-quality graphene 


Unique proprietary processes

High production capacity


Go Green With Graphene


Graphene enhances clean energy harvesting and storage


Graphene reduces carbon emissions due to weight reduction


Graphene allows faster and cheaper water purification


It increases performance due to better heat management