2DM x Extreme E Sports brings Anti-corrosions tests across harsh environments


Singapore – 29th July 2021 – 2D Materials Pte Ltd is pleased to announce it is collaborating with Extreme E’s St Helena ship to test WEG’s anti-corrosion graphene coatings.

Test panels will be installed on the St Helena and will be monitored as it voyages through different climates during its global Extreme E journey. 2DM has been working closely with WEG on marine anti-corrosion coatings since 2020. The testing of the coatings in actual environments represent the next stage of its development and will yield important data.


Picture of St Helena


Dr Ricardo Oliveira, CTO of 2DM, explains: “Extreme E is the perfect partner for 2DM and WEG to test and develop anti-corrosion marine coatings to take a positive step forward for the environment, and we are therefore very excited and proud to be able to have our test samples tested on the St Helena.

“Current anti-corrosion coatings contain a high amount of zinc and a high concentration of zinc in the marine ecosystem can be toxic for marine life. By replacing some of the zinc with graphene, we can potentially reduce the environmental impact of our marine activities. Extreme E’s climate goal is to use its electric racing to highlight remote environments under threat of climate change issues, and to encourage us all to take positive action to protect our planet’s future, and we feel this testing perfectly supports the series’ ambitions.”

Graphene has been known to be the one atom thick layer of pure carbon ‘wonder’ material. It is the strongest material ever measured and its capabilities as an energy conductor and thermal conductor are well recognized. There are many challenges to adopting graphene, among which is dispersion. Proper dispersion of graphene into the matrix is a key to enhancing the desired properties.

2DM has been producing high quality graphene based on the recently announced ISO standards, since 2020 in the tons per annum scale. Following its strategic partnership in 2019 with CBMM, a Founding Partner of Extreme E which uses its niobium products in the chassis of the series’ electric racing vehicles, 2DM grew from a pilot plant into a fully functional commercial plant in 2020.

Other than producing and supplying graphene, 2DM is helmed by renown scientists such as Dr Ricardo Oliveira and Professor Antonio Castro Neto, both whom are well qualified and experienced to provide technical assistance to clients looking to integrate 2DM’s graphene into their products. 2DM is also well advised by its advisory board, many of whom are experts in their respective fields, including Sir Konstantin Novoselov, the Nobel Laurette for Physics in 2010 for the discovery of graphene.