7 Things You Should Know Before Becoming 2DM Graphene Distributor

Our goal at 2DM is to make our premium quality graphene available to everyone. For this reason we seek to connect with top distributors all around the world and share this remarkable business opportunity. 

We aim to make graphene purchase simple and give companies a chance to benefit from its fantastic characteristics. If you have or are excited about creating a network for graphene distribution you should continue reading! 


Graphene Market Potential

Graphene market is predicted to reach a volume worth $278.47 Million by 2020‎. This arising market opportunity is here for you. You can fully leverage your talent and set just your own limit.

TEchnical support

Our technical team is excited to answer all your questions and support you with technical documents.

Emerging Sector

If you are result oriented, you will enjoy a market with almost no direct competition for 2DM premium graphene. Possibilities of graphene are endless from composites, coatings to batteries and high-tech.


When you partner with 2DM, you don't need to worry about how to fund your starting business. There is no entry investment needed. Moreover, we have a limited time offer of free samples for new distributors.  


With a proven premium quality of 2DM graphene and reliable production process you will be able to continuously support your customers. The demand for our product is very high and we need you to help us support the market!

Training & Support

Additionally, we will support you with all documentation regarding our graphene, provide sales collateral and offer co-marketing opportunities.


The support doesn't stop here. Wherever you are based, our network is here for you to give you a hand and share experiences. We will guide you and be here for you!


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