Big Step into Graphene Application with Energy Storage

Graphene in the energy storage world


Since its discovery in 2004, graphene has been touted as a miracle material. High electrical conductivity is one of the key properties of graphene and makes it particularly attractive for energy storage applications. There has been much research and development work carried out by companies and research institutes in the energy storage industry in this area.


2DM has been working with different partners to bring graphene into the myriad of energy storage technologies. Most of the initial results show good improvements in performance, however, more testing and optimisation needs to be done before a commercial product can be realised. One of the most promising developments is the Lithium-Sulphur batteries being developed by Graphene Watts with 2DM’s Xtra-Performance (XP) graphene.

Graphene Watts uses graphene in the anodes. In addition, graphene is also used in many other roles such as, electrode interface material, ionic selective membranes, solid electrolyte, host for cathode active material and free-standing current collector.

With Graphene Watt’s proprietary technology using graphene, the performance in Li-S batteries is higher when compared to standard material configurations in different chemistries.  Some of the enhanced performance include:

  • More than 20% increase in capacity at same current density
  • More than 90% sulphur loading for Li-S batteries
  • More than 85% sulphur utilisation for Li-S batteries
  • Improved rate capacity ~ 6C
  • Improved cycle life
  • Reduced self-discharge
  • Reduced electrode/interface impedence
  • Improved Coulombic efficiency



The integration of graphene into batteries is not a simple drop-in. Other than having high quality graphene, technical expertise and support is critical. 2DM supplies high quality graphene, tested according to ISO standards, in various grades for various applications.

2DM also boasts a strong technical support team, including Dr Ricardo Oliveira as Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Professor Antonio Castro Netro as Co-founder. The advisory board of 2DM includes Sir Kostya Novoselov, 2010 Nobel Laurette, Prof Lee Chuen Neng and Mr Patrick Teyssonneyre.