Graphene Inks And Composites

Graphene Inks And Composites

Adding graphene flakes to inks typically results in the enhanced properties of the base materials. Then, these inks are applicable for several growing industries such as high-tech. Additionally to inks, the composite industry is the biggest area for graphene according to market forecasts.

This markets are practically unlimited for applying superior properties of graphene.


Composite materials have many obvious advantages, as they can be made to be lightweight, strong, corrosion and heat resistant, flexible, transparent, among others. Graphene can help create composites with excelent qualities as super-light, super-strong or super-conductive.


Graphene dispersion used to be a big challenge, but at 2DM we found a way how to disperse graphene for inks. The properties of graphene can be now applied for areas like flexible electronics, packaging and many other.