Graphene is already revolutionizing a wide range of industries with its extraordinary properties, including aerospace. Due to its unique combination of properties, graphene improves the functionality of composites and coatings that are used in manufacturing of planes, helicopters, drones and even spaceships.  


SAFETY: lighting-strike

Safety is number one goal of each transportation company. Graphene’s high conductivity is a perfect solution to avoid lightning-strikes that won’t add additional weight. It could be also applied as a coating to heat up the surface and de-ice it.


fuel consumption AND profitability 

As the usage of premium quality graphene reduces the overall weight, the fuel consumption will be lower. This automatically leads to higher profitability. 


comfort AND quality

Self-cleaning fabric and high quality interior can add value to each plane or helicopter. Moreover it reduces costs for cleaning and maintanence. 


ECO-FRIENDLY transportation

Additionally, the fuel consumption can be lowered  significantly by using graphene as well as the take-off and landing runway length can be reduced.