2DM Participates in K Fair 2022 Germany – Largest Plastic and Composites Fair in the world

K Fair 2022 has been a blast! Being at K Fair with our partner Cromex cements our partnership in the thermoplastic market. K Fair attracted visitors from all over the world who are in the plastics industry. Together with Cromex, we launched GrapheX line of graphene masterbatches to the market. The response was tremendous! Not only was the response tremendous, we also closed a commercial deal during K Fair itself!

Quoted from 2DM Chief Technology Officer , Ricardo Oliveira says : “ Such a pleasure to see the debut of 2DM’s Graphene on the K Fair 2022 with our partner Cromex The GrapheX masterbatch is a drop in technology for the plastic industry, bringing amazing benefits to the final user. Besides, it is a great pleasure to meet new and old friends here in Germany. Tschüss und bis bald!! ”

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