National Research Foundation visit on 23rd March 2020

Today we had the great honor to host at our brand new factory in Singapore our Advisor and Nobel Laureate in Physics Kostya Novoselov, representing NUS CA2DM, together with representatives of National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF), Excelpoint Systems (Pte) Ltd, Durapower Holdings Pte Ltd 新中能源科技有限公司 and GenPlus.

graphene nobelprize

Pier71 explores Graphene: What can it do for the maritime industry?

GRAPHENE: Stronger than steel yet thinner than paper. What can it do for the #maritime industry? Join our panel discussion via a live #webcast on 26 Mar from 4-5pm

Speakers Dr Ricardo Oliveira and Chwan Chieh Foo from 2DM will share their experience with #graphene and the exciting opportunities it brings to the maritime industry. Register now


Ford Research and Innovation Center: Graphene redefining everything

Last week our CEO Patrick Teyssonneyre and also our advisor and Nobel Laureate Kostya Novoselov had the opportunity to attend at the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, MI, USA, the launching of the second generation of graphene components for the company’s cars. Robin Gaeta, CEO of the battery startup Graphene Watts was also present. Prof. Novoselov was a keynote speaker at Ford’s Curious Minds event.

2DM in MIT ILP’s Annual Wuxi Symposium in China

As one of the selected companies by MIT Startup Exchange, our CEO Patrick Teyssonneyre had the honor to present 2DM at the MIT ILP’s Annual Wuxi Symposium in China. The event had attendees of MIT ILP (Industrial Liaison Program) member companies from/near China, corporate attendees and also leaders of Chinese government.–r8m

Graphene Brazil International Summit 2019

2DM’s founders will be presenting at the Graphene Brazil International Summit 2019

Our founders Antonio H. Castro Neto and Ricardo Oliveira will be presenting at the Graphene Brazil International Summit 2019.

Prof. Antonio will talk about “The importance of quality standards for graphene technology, entrepreneurship, and industry” and Dr. Ricardo about “Expanding the frontier of materials application through the use of high performance graphene”.

Check it out at: